KAYAK / CANOE WAIST TOW LINE (5/10/15 meters)


We looked at all the well known brands and picked the best qualities from each tow line so we believe we now have the BEST one on the market today. It has been manufactured in our own workshop with our label on and made from heavy duty modern materials, all stitched with industrial nylon thread for strength and salt water resistance. It is compact and adjustable. Consist of nexus (best on the market) quick release buckles, convenient heavy duty storage bag, 5 mtrs yellow floating line, marine 6mm bungee with a large karabiner constructed from hardened and anodised aluminium. A large snap gate wide opening shaped for the rope location. Complete with instructions.

If you would like the floating rope to be longer we manufacture the following:

10mtr £41.95. 15mtr £42.95.

Simply send us an email of the length you require and we will send you an invoice via PayPal. Turnaround will be two days.



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