For that unique adventure here is a HARD HAT DIVE GIFT VOUCHER. Orkney Sporting Goods offers divers and NON DIVERS the chance of a lifetime to experience original early 19th century hard hat diving near Scapa Flow, Orkney. We discuss the safety rules and familiarise you with the equipment before we kit you up for a photo shoot. As soon as the pictures are taken it is your turn to experience hard hat diving. There is open comms from the diving helmet so we can talk to each other as you walk along the sea bed. Once the dive is over you will be presented with a smart A4 certificate to show your achievement.

Please Note, before anyone can dive a medical questionnaire must be signed to show you are FIT TO DIVE. The form is the standard BSAC self certificate.

The dive takes place in Stromness harbour and the gift voucher is valid until used. If you require any more information or would simply like to look at some photos please contact us at Information.



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